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As featured on FOX and CBS’s Noon News

As featured on FOX’s Dr. Oz and CBS’s Noon News, and author of Health With in Your Reach, Summit, New Jersey NEURO-METABOLIC specialist Dr. Brian Anderson’s patient care and compassion are easily recognizable. But his success with even the most difficult chronic care patients for which most medical doctors have no cure for is what we like most about Premier Health of Summit . Patients come to see Dr. Anderson from all over the tri-state area and walk away with less pain, more energy, and an ability to live and love life once again!


Dr. Anderson’s Functional Neuro-Metabolic Regeneration Care Program has evolved and expanded over the years and will continue to do so forever. The protocols produce results that seem like miracles, but after a while, these miracles have become clinical expectations that are easily achieved by Dr. Anderson.

Featured on CNN Noon News and FOX during Dr. Oz show.

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