George M. Gilcrest
Retired Sr. Executive Security Mgr.

Peripheral Neuropathy of both feet. Cold, burning, numbness, stinging pins & needles, balance issues, shooting & aching pain.

Starting about 7 or 8 years ago, I thought my shoes had shrunk or my feet grew bigger! I had been experiencing restless leg syndrome which soon was accompanied by numbness, pins & needles and shooting pain in both feet. My doctor, after ordering the appropriate tests, told me I was experiencing neuropathic pain, the result of nerve damage or a degenerative condition of my nervous system in my feet. Having sent me to a specialist for treatment, I began a regimen of various antidepressant and anti-seizure medications identified as beneficial for treating Neuropathy. These medications seemed to lesson my symptoms but I found the unexpected side affects to be unacceptable. I soon quit the narcotics and was becoming frustrated and depressed.

About 4 months ago I read about Premier Health of Summit and their treatment methodology. I was skeptical but at a point where I was willing to speak with Dr. Anderson. His explanation and description about how he sees, understands and treats neuropathic pain made sense to me. By employing methods to stimulate healthy nerve growth through increased oxygen and blood supply, he wasn’t just treating the symptoms but rather attacking the problem. Rather than taking a pill, his treatment modalities, although strange at first, addressed methods to stimulate and promote healthy nerve growth and function.

Having agreed to a 12 week treatment, I began to feel a difference after about week 7. I had less of the “pins & needles” feeling and the shooting and stabbing pains were gone. As my sessions continued, my feet were less achy and seemed to be “calming down”. The burning has disappeared and my balance appears better. I still have some numbness but look forward to continuing my sessions with Dr. Anderson and hope to completely reverse my neuropathic pain.

In closing, I have found that Dr. Anderson and his staff make every effort to create an office atmosphere that is friendly, pleasant and positive. Everyone is professional and treat all their patients with care and concern.



I am much improved from the whole program of treatments, supplements, and dietary changes based on the results of the thorough testing done here. My mental disposition is also significantly better due to this. Less pain means being more active, I have lost weight and gotten back some ankle strength and balance. This is an overwhelming endorsement of Dr. Anderson, his methods, and awesome staff.Less than a year ago, I was on the verge of using hand controls to drive. I could not feel the brake pedal with either foot.

Now I can safely use my feet again to drive my own car, and relatives’ cars even though I am unfamiliar with those pedal locations. (They have car seats for grandchildren, lucky me) 3 Prior Peripheral Neuropathy Neurologists at 3 major teaching universities over the past 15 years have simply tracked the progression of the disease (and progressive pain) and only prescribed increasing dosages of pain medicines (tried 5) each with various side effects. Reducing pain by medicine increases numbness, and results in additional lack of balance. I still take one, and have been able to cut the dosage by 1/3 since getting help here. Not one treatment or dietary suggestion or use of selected supplements came from them. We need to get more young people with neuropathy here, not there. Less pain, less numbness, less weight, better balance, better attitude, drive my grandchildren around, Thats a WIN-WIN-WIN=WIN ……………situation. ……