image002“My name is Frank S.. Since I have been seeing Dr. Anderson I notice that I have been able to sleep better. The pain, although it still exists, it is much easier to deal with. I have been able to have a more positive outlook on my social life, and with that and the progress on my body I will hopefully be able to be better for socializing. Since I have been coming here I have been able to help my mother in the house a little bit more than I have been able to before. People say that I have been smiling more than usual , because I have been very ‘un-smiley’ since my condition started. So I am trying to be a better person not only for me, but for my family as well. I have gone to different doctors for treatments with minimal progress. That is why I have come here, and so far, so good!”
Frank S.
Accounts Payable

image004“My name is Katina S., I’m Frank Spatafora’s mother. I have to tell you that I see a big improvement from the day we came in here, which was about a month ago. He was never smiling, and he was crying all the time because he was in pain, pain, pain! He refused to eat because he couldn’t chew. All of a sudden in a month of time, it changed almost everything. He smiles, he is friendly, he comes out when people come over to visit and he mingles. It’s a miracle…it’s a 100% turn around! I am glad – I know that the doctor is doing this, but I hope that it is God too. Whatever it is, I am very thankful and am glad that he is getting better. The pain management doctor said I’ve done all I can do for you – look elsewhere – we don’t go to him anymore. Then I was reading the newspaper, found Dr. Anderson’s ad, and found you! I have to be honest; you have also changed MY life 100%! He is getting better physically, and his mind is now getting better as well. Thank you so much!”

Katina S.

Frank Spatafora’s Mother

image006“My Mom is Laura V. and she is seeing Dr. Anderson. She has changed because she is getting up earlier and she’s not sleeping as much. And she isn’t waking up in the middle of the night anymore. She started eating healthier. She’s not in bed as often and is much happier. She isn’t that stressed anymore, she is happier with her life because she knows she can get rid of all of her bad stuff that has happened to her in the past. She spends more time with us and we make smoothies and dinner together now. My Dad usually makes dinner, but Mom does now. She also eats diner with us now. She is out more now because she has more energy and feels better and doesn’t feel like she is going to collapse. We get to go shopping with her now. She doesn’t go to the doctor a lot anymore. She is much better!”

Laura V.’s Daughter

image0081“Dr. Anderson is treating me for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Apnea, Irritable Bowel and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In as early as four weeks I noticed an improvement in my quality of sleep. I wake up far more alert than I was before. I find that my cognitive abilities are far stronger than before. I am less confused and it is easier for me to drive down the street without getting irritated. I have noticed that the shaking in my hands and legs to have subsided quite a bit. My pain threshold has increased and overall my body as a whole feels better. I would highly recommend him! My mother claims that she finally feels as though she got her daughter back, thanks to this revolutionary treatment! Thank you very much, Dr. Anderson!”

Elisa R.
Artist and Photography Assistant

image013“My name is Anthony and I am 47 years old. I have only been coming for 3-4 weeks. I already feel an improvement. In the morning I have a lot more strength especially when I am walking. The office has been very good…it is very friendly. The doctor is also very friendly and attentive. I am very happy so far and I recommend it for other patients. I have more flexibility and stability and strength especially using different machines in the office that have been helping me out a lot. My balance is much better too. My mood is improved because I am feeling better overall. My wife is starting to see some changes, and is very happy about it. Hopefully it will continue and I will see more improvements over time. It is definitely a team work with the office, myself and my wife. I have better control of my right leg, and I can lift it up in the air up to ninety degrees, up and down with control. It is a big improvement, where I wasn’t able to do that before. My hair is also growing back a little more, it’s a little fuller from the stimulation of nerves and muscles and from the vitamins. I have a better attitude because I see that things are working and changing, so I am now much more hopeful, and more positive!”

Anthony P.