Knee Pain Testimonials

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Knee Pain Testimonials

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Knee Pain Testimonials Following Successful Treatment

“My name is H.B., and I am 70 years old, I don’t know how I got that old! I came here in very bad shape. I have neuropathy, and I have had it for a long time, and for quite some time. I didn’t even know what it was. This is my 5th or 6th treatment, and I think it’s wonderful… I am going to continue that is for sure. I could barely walk, I was in constant pain. I still have some pain, but I feel 100% better, I feel MUCH better! I can at least feel the bottom of my feet now, I wasn’t able to feel them before and now I can! I am making great progress. I love the office, and the receptionist. I love the Doctor, he is the handsomest – I told my nephew that he is almost as cute as Dr. Anderson. Of course I could be his grandmother. I am very happy I came, and that I found Dr. Anderson through the newspaper.” – H.B., Retired

“My name is J.S. Everything is coming along really well so far. My balance is a lot better, my foot is still a little weak, but it is coming back with time. I have had great improvements, I feel better – I never have bad balance issues any longer.”-J.S., Retired

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“If anyone ever told me I would look forward to going to a doctor, I would have said “You’ve got to be kidding!” Well, I actually do look forward to going to Dr. Anderson’s office. First of all, his cheerful, friendly, sunny disposition puts you completely at ease. He makes you feel welcome and comfortable. He takes time with all of his patients and knows them all by name… imagine that! I have a long history of surgeries (22 in all) with lots of lingering problems. I started coming to Dr. Anderson for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had some tests done and had seen some doctors that treated me in rude, nasty ways that did nothing to help my situation. I was very faithful with the recommended appointments and saw results almost immediately. Not only do my hands feel better but I have also noticed I have less pain in my back, feet, legs, neck and shoulders. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson to anyone who is suffering with chronic pain. I know I have a long way to go to acquire optimal health but I also know I am in good hands. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for your help, your kindness and good nature. You’re the best!” -J.P.

“I’ve suffered from Fibromyalgia for about 5 years. I had tried many things before coming here including Pain Management, regular chiropractic, Yoga, stretching, and Physical Therapy. I can say that after 3 visits of care, I saw an improvement. After 12 visits my knee pain is 80-85% improved, headaches are 80-85% improved, my legs are feeling better, my moods are 85-90% improved and my energy is 85% better. I am now able to enjoy everyday activities with less pain, stretching, light exercise and better focus. Some unanticipated benefits include the significant decrease in pain and the increase in my moods. I like everything about the office. It is a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The doctor is great. I have not heard any comments in particular from family or friends but I am usually telling them how much better I feel. I have told everyone about the office and the wonderful treatment.”

“For six years I’ve had a pain in my left leg. The pain became increasingly more painful. I didn’t know what to do about it. I went to see a Chiropractor, and I was being treated but the pain just didn’t go away. Every time I stood up, I had to stretch my leg WAY out so that I could even stand on the leg without screaming. I saw an article in the paper written by Dr. Brian Anderson and I said ‘My Gosh, it sounds like the pain I’ve got in my leg, I am going to see him.’ He has been treating my leg for the neuropathy and after ONE MONTH OF TREATMENT, the pain is TOTALLY GONE! That to me is a miracle. I am eternally grateful to him for doing that because now I can walk on that leg.”

“I have been coming here for fourteen visits. I am very satisfied with the service. I do see improvement in my neuropathy. It is a very pleasant experience coming here. The staff is wonderful, and it is a very relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend this to anybody with neuropathy or chronic pain, to come and see Dr. Anderson. It is a very nice place to come.”-C.B., Retired

“I’ll be 75 years old. I feel great, much better. I have only been here ten times, whatever he is doing is working! My legs were my main problem. I have neuropathy in my feet. The neuropathy in my feet has gotten much better, I notice a BIG difference.”-A.H., Retired

“I am here for neuropathy and arthritis. This is my second visit to Dr. Anderson’s office. I have been in pain with severe lower back pain for about a year. One visit to Dr. Anderson, I got rid of just about all of my pain. I was able to move better and this is my second visit and I am feeling just as good as after my first. With continued treatments, I am now able to walk without my cane, I am able to step up and down from curbs easier and do the stairs easier… my balance is improved. In general, the whole body has improved and it is something I have to continue to work on. So, thank you.”-B.N., Retired

“I am 57 years old. I came to Dr. Anderson because I had leg pain and shoulder problems. So far he has been helping me with my knees, and they are much, much better. My energy is much better! I lost 5 pounds, before I was trying to lose weight, now without trying I lost 5 pounds! I can sleep better, I wasn’t able to sleep and I am sleeping much better. So, overall it’s a lot of improvement. I really recommend Dr. Anderson!”-B.B.

“I am 24 years old, and I came to see Dr. Anderson because I had a lot of joint pain, abdominal pain that overall, I have had for 13 years. I feel great! My knees and shoulders are hurting a lot less! My abdominal pains are going away slowly but surely. I know it is going to take me a while because I have a lot of damage, but I am on my way. Dr. Anderson is very nice, his staff is awesome. I would recommend him to anyone going through a lot!”-K.W., Massage Therapist

“I have fibromyalgia. I was feeling really bad when I came here. I was so exhausted, I had a lot of pains, unable to walk. Shoulder pain, knee pain, everywhere a lot of pain! It is the worst condition. I feel better, much, much better. I am improving day to day. Good that I was able to come here because it is helping me a lot. I hope by the end of this treatment I will be alright.”-I.P., Software Engineer

“I am 69 years old. I was having so many different health problems and was being put on so many different medications, and seemed to be spiraling down instead of improving. I feel that we’ve made real progress; my nails are so much stronger, and my skin is looking better. I’ve been able to do things physically that I haven’t been able to do for quite awhile. I’m looking forward to that improving more as we continue. The office is wonderful; the staff is friendly, helpful and caring. Dr. Anderson gives wonderful personal attention; you don’t feel like you’re being rushed in and out. With the technology that he has on his hands and the care and expertise of his staff, it is a very pleasant time while you’re being taken care of, and the time goes quickly. It’s just wonderful to see some results happening.”-S.C., Director of Music Ministry/Piano Teacher

“I am 84 years old and I have peripheral neuropathy. I came here sort of as a last resort because I’ve had it for a few years and haven’t noticed any improvement going to regular doctors. Since I’ve been coming here ever since early July I’ve felt better; I am sleeping nights instead of being awakened by pain in my knee and the waist area. I’m very happy with the people that are here, they are all very nice and helpful.”-W.S., Retired

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