Our Services

Premier Health of Summit has successfully treated patients with a wide-range of neurological disorders. 

Our Services

Premier Health of Summit has successfully treated patients with a wide-range of neurological disorders. 

Our Services

Premier Health has successfully treated more than 1,000 patients with the following services:

In-depth neuro-metabolic analysis and interpretation may be indicated among patients with chronic conditions to dig deeper to locate and resolve the root of what’s causing the condition to persist. “Neuro” refers to brain-based testing that involve testing the cerebellum and cortex for imbalances whereas metabolic testing involves detailed lab analysis to determine nutritional status, immune function, hormonal function like adrenal and thyroid. Without addressing both neurological and metabolic aspects of ill health, it is difficult to help chronic problems.

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy is a breakthrough FDA approved treatment to reduce pain and inflammation while simultaneously improving body functions such as circulation, blood pressure and energy. By using directed electrical waves, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation re-charges and re-activates the body’s cells to promote healing and strength.

Shock Wave Therapy is the latest, non-invasive FDA-registered clinical treatment that uses high-intensity sound waves to stimulate healing of damaged and inflamed tissues in the body. Most patients experience immediate results upon receiving treatment, particulary in increased mobility and reduced pain.

Progressive Movement techniques stimulate circulation throughout the body. People who have been inactive can benefit greatly by using this technique. With Progressive Movement techniques, patients can experience a full-body workout incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in as little as 15 minutes.

How would you like to get all the benefits of a soothing massage in under 20 minutes without the hassle and time spent having to undress and spend 60 minutes on a massage table being touched by a stranger? This treatment uses waves of heated water to provide an innovative deeply relaxing experience. Many of our patients like to have a water massage before or after other treatments.

Detailed lab analysis that measures functioning at the cellular level – tests that dig far deeper than traditional medicine’s lab testing – are imperative in our effort to determine what is going on at the cellular level where disease begins to first manifest. Our detailed testing is one of the key building blocks in creating a successful treatment plan to ensure our patients achieve successful, sustainable results.

Also known as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial/Soft Tissue Release relieves soft tissue compression within a web of connective tissue, called the fascial system, which spreads throughout the body and surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve vessel and organ – right down to the cellular level. Myofascial/Soft Tissue Release focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. Many patients seek myofascial treatment after losing flexibility or function following an injury or if experiencing ongoing back, knee, shoulder, hip, or virtually pain in any area of the body containing soft tissue.

Photobiomodulation is considered by many leading health care practitioners to be the most powerful non-invasive healing procedure in existence today. Patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions particularly nerve, joint and soft tissue damage get long lasting results due to the treatment’s effectiveness in eliminating pain and inflammation, and increasing mobility and function.

High Frequency Nerve Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates peripheral nerve regeneration and provides long lasting pain relief. Once stimulated, damaged nerves begin to function again, reversing neuropathy symptoms. Truly a breakthrough in electromedicine, High Frequency Nerve Stimulation has taken electromedical therapy to new levels of treatment success.

Balance training and strengthening exercises are provided to help our patients restore and maintain their balance as well as build strength and stability as treatment progresses. This allows for healing and recovery to continue at home each day, quickening the healing process. Balance training and strengthening are especially important to prevent falls and maintain independence.

Scientific evidence that neurological adjusting of the spine positively impacts nervous system function can be found in peer-reviewed literature from numerous different fields of research, including neurophysiology, neurology, and biophysics. And because neurological adjustment of the spine is a global (or whole body) treatment rather than a specific remedy for a specific condition, neurological adjustments can help with much more than nervous system disorders. By helping the nervous system function better, neurological adjustment can help the entire body to work better.

Neurological adjusting of the extremities involves adjustments to numerous joints throughout the body including those in the wrist, fingers, hand, ankle, knee, toes, and the foot. Joint irregularities in the extremities may lead to chronic spinal issues and neurological extremity adjustment usually complements neurological adjusting of the spine as needed.

A doctor-supervised detoxification program is a safe and effective method of cleansing the entire body of unwanted toxins, promoting better health and optimizing the body’s detoxification processing. We provide our patients with a customized detoxification protocol structured for their individual needs. A typical detoxification program lasts 1 – 3 months, giving enough time to fully detoxify the body and develop healthier long-term habits.

Diagnostic analysis and interpretation of vitamin and mineral levels provides further insight into the exact factors underlying chronic conditions. These types of panels are rarely performed through standard medical care however functional medicine’s approach to health involves identifying core imbalances affecting the brain and body network in order to dig deeper and determine the cause of ill health, rather than merely treat its symptoms.

Flush out metabolic waste, increase blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. That changes the force and position of the spine. This change takes pressure off the spinal disks, which are gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine, by creating negative pressure in the disc and nerves traveling to the arms and legs.

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